Ready to taste some great wine? Arrange for your custom, private group tasting experience with Ray! This unique opportunity to enjoy excellent wines with the owner of Cuvée Ray is perfect for groups of 4 -14 people. Do you want to experience something totally out there? Arrange for a Vintunes® wine tasting with Ray, a one of a kind wine/music paring and tasting. Vintunes® is a wine tasting experience like no other and is based on the notion that wine and music have a great deal in common and can be matched much like wine and food. The Vintunes experience is guaranteed to delight and entertain. We intend to kick off our Vintunes events with our SodelFest Vintunes event on September 29th 11:00-noon (to sign up for this please visit www.sodelfest.com) Thereafter we will offer Vintunes tastings once a week at Cuvée Ray. Until then, if you would like to schedule a private group Vintunes tasting with Ray, email him at ray@cuveeray.com

Tuesday – Sunday between 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Groups from 4 – 14

Schedule your tasting: ray@cuveeray.com